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December 19, 2004
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Welcome to Ill Fortune by RobertFriis Welcome to Ill Fortune by RobertFriis
.:: Fullview a must...a whole lot of the detail gets lost in the preview ::.
Welcome to Ill Fortune...a nasty little hive of scum and villainy. This is the teaser poster for my next roleplaying project Ill Fortune, set primarily in the little frontier town of the same name. Rootin', tootin' western action...expect over the top confederate generals in armored trains, abandoned gold-mines, cool-ass indians on the war path and plenty of high-noon shoot-outs. Ooooh, I am looking forward to this.

Created over about 8 hours by first creating a mock-up of the whole scene in 3D Studio MAX, which I then imported into Photoshop where I did a lot of texturing and detail painting. One of the most enjoyable pieces I've done in a long time. Hope you like, and PLEASE: If you have any ideas for stuff that's "missing", please tell me...I'm in the early stages of design, and everything is still subject to change. One thing, though: For storyreasons there can be no railway close to the city, so don't bother asking.

.:: Edit december 21st ::. Wow, what can I say! Thanks alot for the daily favorite and all the feedback, guys! I really appreciate it. And for those that might wonder: This is not the last shot from this series. I plan to do close-ups of the major points in the town once I get all the details of it right. This pic was originally mostly intended as a test to work out the kinks in the technique and to have people come with crits and suggestions to the town in general, so I'll even upload an updated version of this piece some time after new years. But again, thanks alot to everyone and sorry that I don't thank you all personally...but thank-you notes on this scale would take more time than making the actual picture, sooo...
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Given 2004-12-21
Welcome to Ill Fortune by *xadhoom, If you haven't read the signs, we're looking for a new sheriff... Don't mind me as I pin this badge on your vest and run for the hills. ( Suggested by fox-orian and Featured by voodoo-prophet )
coolclaytony Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011
Personally when i look at this map, it dosn't look like it would offer much for an RPG. When you make an RPG that takes lace in small and specific place, you'd better make that place very dynamic in its use. Since your using a small western town theme, I suggest you take the stuff you have here and then exagerate it to make the experiances within the seperate locations of the Ill Fortune more varied. Because I can't imagine alot of stuff going on here. I also suggest some things that others have suggested and what I personally think should be included or altered. Now one person has suggested a graveyard; i tink this is nessecarry because towns like this tended to have them (especially in wetern movies). I would suggest making it a fairly big graveyard (Perhaps stationed behind and/or around the Church House) to indicate the towns brutality as well as give plently of graveyard based quests. Now you've mentioned you don't wan't a train station, well never said you wanted an active train station. Perhaps one was built in preperation for a railway that was goin to be built there but was re directed at the last minute. And I agree; a well is a neccesety in a town like this. As i've said before don't be afraid to exagerate the town's details, not only does it provide a more interesting enviroment but it allows more varient NPC's and enemies to be featured.
RobertFriis Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the input. This pic is 7 years old though, so the project is finished a long time ago. ;)
coolclaytony Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
oh, well. How'd it turn out?
coolclaytony Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011
Ooh, i know what'd be cool! Jackalopes as NPC "Enemy" characters, if this game uses a traditional RPG mechanic that i'm familiar with.
Miyazu Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
wow. thats insane
SketchedGhost Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
this is great :D I want to go there :U *loads and packs shotgun*
guitecarla Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
amazing =)
khor11 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010
Buashei Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009   Digital Artist
Hey man its brilliant :) as for misses, But you sure did missed good ol' graveyard :) I surely would like to see a bunch of broken crosses someplace there :). Maybe even drunk guy lying in a middle of a road somwhere :) best luck!
RobertFriis Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Graveyard! Very true, well spotted. It could definately use a graveyard.
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